Did you know?
Renewable energy solutions and power generation services adds asset value to a property, results in faster lease-up and incrementally higher rents.

There is good, credible market information to support this fact.

Solar energy can be one of the best capital investments you can make.
ArcStar Energy Systems
ArcStar Builds and Operates Grid-Tie Solar Energy Systems to Serve our Customers

ArcStar provides and operates ultra-reliable Grid Tie systems that are interconnected with the utility grid at the customer site. The most important aspect of these systems is that they work in conjunction with the utility grid, not instead of the grid. Your business facility remains connected to the commercial utility power at all times, even while the solar equipment is providing local power.

(Note:  ArcStar Energy's solutions are based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology. PV systems use solar electric panels to directly convert the sun's energy into utility grade electricity for use by a commercial enterprise.)

Grid-tie systems are able to exchange electricity with the local power utility, bringing in extra power when it's needed or sending it back when the solar energy system is producing more than is needed. This outgoing power is valued at the same commercial rates charged by the utility and is credited to the customer.

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