Did you know?

Do you know that today’s solar technologies are safe, reliable and work in conjunction with your existing power system?

Do you know that utility energy rates have risen 51% over the previous five years?

That's an average increase of more than 10% each year. (Source:  Energy 



Managed System Acquisition
Under a managed system acquisition arrangement, customers purchase and own a reliable and affordable solar solution directly. ArcStar manages all necessary permits, procures the equipment, secures the energy incentives and rebates and oversees installation by a Solar-Certified, Licensed contractor. We completely manage every aspect of design, installation and maintenance of the solar solution.

Our systems come with a minimum manufacturer warranty of 20 years and will typically provide clean energy for 30 years or more.

Under a Managed System Acquisition, you will recieve all production and tax incentives, and gain all the benefits of clean solar energy without the need of specialized expertise.

  • How does an ArcStar MSA system work under Utility Net Metering?
    The solar energy generated is fed into local circuits on the customer's power provider's meter. Customers consume the power generated by ArcStar's solution first thereby decreasing the amount of power consumed from the power company.

    If the solar solution generates more energy than is actually used, the power electric meter begins to spin backwards, effectively crediting power costs back to a user's account.

    ArcStar monitors and maintains the solar solution, which includes periodic cleanings to ensure peak performance. Every system is monitored daily via an Internet or telephone connection.