Did you know?

Are you aware that you can lock in your energy costs at today’s rate for the next 20 years?

Do you know that today’s solar technologies are safe, reliable and work in conjunction with your existing power system?

Do you know that utility energy rates have risen 51% over the previous five years?

That's an average increase of more than 10% each year. (Source:  Energy 



Power Purchase Agreements
For businesses, energy expenses are always a significant and unpredictable operating expense. Typically, energy ranks somewhere among the top three expense items in an operating budget. Now there is a reliable and affordable option to managing and controlling this expense and eliminating the unpredictability factor:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    A PPA is a solar energy purchasing contract that once executed with ArcStar allows you to deploy a reliable and cost effective solar solution at no up front cost to you and allows you to lock down your energy costs at today's rate for years to come.

    ArcStar designs and installs the equipment at no cost to customers, maintaining and operating it for the customer during the 20-year PPA term. The PPA removes the barrier of up-front capital costs from the decision making process.

    ArcStar engineers install and maintain the system. There is no ongoing operating expense or customer specific expertise required. ArcStar Energy manages all necessary permits and oversees installation by a State Certified Licensed Contractor.

    Because ArcStar's solutions are designed to supplement your existing energy provider, the local power provider will continue to bill for any power consumed over and above the amount provided by ArcStar Energy (for example, night time energy needs). Local utility bills, however, may decrease dramatically because energy consumption is now supplemented by an ArcStar's PPA.
PPA Benefits
Other benefits of a PPA include proven enhancement of property value, positive goodwill from community, customers and employees, and a hedge against future regulatory risks such as carbon taxes and fuel increases.
The future of Energy
PPA's are considered the future of solar energy and stories on their benefits regularly appear in the mainstream media. Many of the world's most innovative companies (HP, Google, Microsoft, etc) and major retailers (Target, Kohl's, WalMart, Macy's, Staples, etc) have recently opted to purchase solar solutions and/or sign PPAs to offset power costs and commit to clean energy.

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