Did you know?

...that a great solar or wind site is a great site forever?

...that a renewable energy investment produces superior returns with very low risk?

...that these investments are secure, predictable and backed by long-lived assets?

Did you know that a solar plant, designed and constructed properly, lasts 30-35 years?

Invest in the future of energy, but do it right.
ArcStar Energy develops, acquires, manages and monetizes high-value renewable energy investments on behalf of our established investors. The ArcStar management team are energy industry veterans with many years of hands-on experience covering all aspects of energy infrastructure investment. This direct experience includes wind, hydro, fuel cells, energy storage and frequency regulation, fossil engine and turbine as well as our core specialty since founding, solar generation.

ArcStar’s network of established investors acquire or invest alongside us in our projects because:

• Our well-established project origination network delivers recurring high-value pre-qualified investment deal flow from multiple attractive emerging markets.
• Our stringent investment criteria, sophisticated tools and standardized processes deliver transaction efficiency.
• Our investments carry the seal of our advisory service experience and reputation for independent due diligence and investment valuation services.
• Our internal financial, legal and technical expertise and deep knowledge of our markets provide superior risk management, investment structuring and access to valuable in-country development services.
• Our early position in these markets provides the opportunity to initiate, accelerate or augment their own market entry strategies.

Our advisory clients and investors also get us involved with specific requirements when they wish to:

• Quantify the costs, risks and professional valuation of a project at any stage of development.
• Quantify and project the energy and revenue production, operating costs and investment returns of the developed facility.
• Establish the appropriate investment entity and optimal capital, ownership and tax structure.
• Manage the contracting of the design, engineering and construction of the plant with investment-grade EPC and O&M providers.
• Manage and optimize the operations and cash flows for maximum investment performance.

Contact us free of obligation to discuss an investment in renewable energy assets or assess the development potential of your commercial, municipal or industrial property.

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