Did you know?
Renewable energy solutions and power generation services adds asset value to a property, results in faster lease-up and incrementally higher rents.

There is good, cre-dible market infor-mation to support this fact.

Solar energy can be one of the best capital investments you can make.
The Main Components of a Grid-Tie System
Solar Panels
Panels collect solar energy and convert it to DC power. The number and type of solar panels will determine how much energy is produced, as will the geographic location.

Inverters take Direct Current power and convert it to commercial (AC) power. Grid tie inverters also monitor and synchronize the solar energy with the energy from the utility to allow an exchange of power in both directions.

Main Service Panel/Grid Disconnect
The main service panel is where interconnection to the utility grid takes place. A grid disconnect allows disconnection of the system from the utility power grid. This provides for the safe maintenance of all local electrical and utility systems.

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