Did you know?
Solar energy adds asset value to a property, reduces operating expense and produces higher rents.

Solar produces fixed-cost power over a useful life of up to 35 years.

Solar energy is a sound, stable and secure capital investment.
Solar Energy Solutions
Commercial and Industrial Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Solar Energy
ArcStar developes, acquires and montetizes commercial and industrial grid-tied systems that integrate with existing energy infrastructure and the utility grid seamlessly. The client facility remains connected to commercial utility power at all times, even while the solar equipment is providing site power.
The ArcStar management team also has many years of experience in deploying ultra-reliable off-grid power in remote locations and developing markets. These systems typically provide mission-critical power where utility power is non-existant or unreliable and in remote or harsh environments where diesel and other forms of traditional generation are expensive or not practical for other reasons.

Purpose-Specific Solar Solutions
Working closely with site owners and operators, best in class professionals will analyze prospective sites and energy applications to determine their suitability for solar energy. This process will include utility rate analysis, existing electrical infrastructure, alternative power options and other factors that will determine the value of solar integration vs. other choices. Our investment-grade processes and tools allow us to determine the solar resources available at the site, structural integrity of buildings, average weather conditions, zoning/permitting requirements, financing alternatives and many other factors that will impact long term solar energy production and investment returns.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Key Benefits:
  • The site owner or utility agrees to purchase the solar energy under long term contract.
  • The site owner recieves rent or low cost, fixed-price energy over the term of the contract.
  • ArcStar and its investors finance, own and maintain the system.
Managed System Acquisition: Full or Partial Ownership
Key Benefits:
  • Co-development, direct investment, lease with buyout and other options.
  • Solar investments provide secure, predictable long-term returns.
  • Carbon or other environmental credits accrue to system asset owners.
  • ArcStar can provide a fully-managed investment.