Did you know?
Solar can be installed anywhere.

To power remote mines, communities communications networks, water pumps, charging stations, lighting and so much more.

And can displace or replace fuel consumption in fossil generation plants.

AMPS - Clean Ultra-Reliable Power Where None Existed
ArcStar Mission-critical Power Systems (AMPS)

ArcStar Energy's mission-critical power group specializes in providing application-specific solar generation and energy storage systems that provide clean, reliable and resilient power where grid power is expensive, unreliable or non-existent. AMPS' core mission is to augment or displace traditional diesel generators which are expensive to install, fuel and operate, with cost-effective ultra-reliable renewable power systems.

AMPS provides purpose-designed solutions that are engineered, sourced and staged to be installed anywhere in the world and integrated into or replace existing power infrastructure. Systems that provide clean, reliable energy in even the most harsh environments. The AMPS team has many years of experience in powering and operating the most advanced remote energy and communications systems in hundreds of integrated, off-grid applications. If it needs to be powered, AMPS will get it there.

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