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Monty Bannerman
Chief Executive Officer
Monty Bannerman, who founded ArcStar Energy in 2007, is a 30-year veteran technology executive who has been introducing advanced power and communications infrastructure and services to domestic and foreign markets throughout his career. He has extensive experience in advising, starting and leading private and public companies including multiple associated M&A transactions.

Monty's background includes over 15 years in senior management at the BCE group of companies including Bell Canada International, the managment consulting, engineering and project management arm of the corporation. While with BCI his primary role was the introduction and implementation of new national-scale business models based on distributed power and telecommunications networks to governments, telecom carriers, militaries and major corporations in over 40 deregulating markets around the world.

In 1993 Monty founded DSP.NET, one of the first commercial Internet Service Providers in the world, based in San Francisco. The company's California network was a pioneer in the deployment of business internet services including early web hosting, online relational databases, Voice over Internet and wireless access technologies. The company was acquired by Japanese multinational carrier Verio.

In 1997 he founded, developed and operated IXS, a very early international Voice Over Internet (VOIP) network, providing businesses services to companies operating in greater China (Hong Kong, PRC and Taiwan). In 1999, the company was acquired by Terremark (NASDAQ: TWW), a US based infrastructure developer and operator in late 1999.

Joining TWW as Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Monty's background in mission-critical power and network technologies and experience leading teams that developed, constructed and operated dozens of the most advanced mission-critical public and private networks and data centers around the world was put to full use in the year 2000 development of the NAP (Network Access Point) of the Americas. One of only six top-level NAPs for Internet traffic in the world, this fortress-like facility located in Miami is the primary interconnection and traffic exchange facility for intercontinental sub-sea fiber optic networks connecting North, Central, South America and Europe, serving most of the worlds largest telecommunications carriers, the US government and military and the secure data of hundreds of corporate clients. The NAP has one of the most advanced power systems ever built, providing its customers with a 100% guarantee of non-stop, frequency-controlled power no matter the natural or emergency conditions outside the facility.

In 2004, Monty was CEO and President of Verso Technologies, Inc. a multi-national manufacturer of next-generation core network systems for domestic and international carriers and service providers. Verso's technology was widely deployed in developing markets, where it was used to leap-frog traditional telecommunications infrasture and operate reliably in underdeveloped, harsh and remote environments off of the power grid.

Monty is a graduate in Business Administration & Finance from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, Canada and extensive post-graduate training by Bell Labs.