Did you know?
The long asset life of solar plants allows environmental remediation to take place efficiently while the brownfield site produces revenue.

Site improvements required by solar match many of the requirements of brownfield site remediation plans.

Solar on brownfields has a positive effect on surrounding property values.
Brownfield Solar Development: Our Specialty
ArcStar Converts Brownfields into Brightfields
ArcStar Energy acquires, develops and manages distributed solar energy investments in brownfield environments, particularly on landfills, mines and toxic industrial sites. The ArcStar management team combines deep experience in the evaluation, remediation and redevelopment of these sites with unparalleled experience in the deployment of large-scale distributed energy infrastructure. We provide investors, municipalities and industrial property owners with the very best solar investments in the industry and convert these marginal sites into valuable, productive assets.

Brownfield Environments Require Specialized Expertise
Since 2007, ArcStar’s central strategy, core expertise and proprietary methods have been centered on the acquisition and development of municipal, community and industrial solar projects built on capped landfills, spent aggregate pits and other industrial brownfield applications. Technical site qualification, acquisition and development of these sites require extensive and specific domain expertise. Our Toronto-based brownfield development team has been working with municipalities and industrial brownfield site owners and operators for decades and has been developing solar brightfields since 2008. To date we have secured investments in over 70 Megawatts of solar brownfield projects.

ArcStar’s core strategy of redeveloping brownfield sites is driven by their inherent suitability for solar development.

Key Advantages:
  • They are of marginal land value.
  • They have few, if any, competitive development uses.
  • They represent ongoing maintenance and possible remediation expenses to their public and private owners.
  • There is a likelihood of strong public support for their development by the community.
  • They have already been cleared of flora and fauna that present environmental risks to development.
  • They are normally cleared and graded, minimizing site preparation expense.
  • Their substrates are already known and documented.
  • They often have complementary infrastructure already in place (roads, security etc.).
Solar Solutions for the Brownfield Sector

Our financial and technical solutions are designed specifically for the public and private brownfield applications they serve.

If you are interested in discussing the energy and revenue potential of a municipal, private or industrial brownfield site, contact the experts at and one of our brownfield development professionals will be pleased to answer your questions.