Lock Down Your Electricity Costs
ArcStar Leasing provides reliable, fully-financed and insured solar energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout Costa Rica.

An ArcStar solar lease will reduce your energy costs, guard against utility rate increases and reduce your carbon footprint. All with no capital expense or change in your normal operations.

Solar Facts

Solar integrates seamlessly with most commercial and industrial energy systems.

Solar produces energy precisely when utility power is most expensive to use.

Solar Site Valuation

What's the solar energy potential of your commercial or industrial building and property? What's the best way to integrate solar energy with your existing systems?

Contact one of our solar professionals for a free preliminary assesment. 

Solar Solutions

We provide reliable roof and ground-mounted solar solutions in Costa Rica and throughout the Americas which:

Financing via Solar Lease

We provide leasing solutions which fix the monthly payments of a solar energy system over periods extending to 20 years and beyond.

Find out how ArcStar can help achieve your financial, energy and environmental goals with no capital outlay.